Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stand Up for What You Believe

I watched the movie "Amazing Grace" last night I was afraid it was going to be a boring 18th century costumed waltz with gothic churches and stuffy men in white wigs. Well, there were a lot of white wigs, but the movie was not boring. In fact it was invigorating and inspirational. What would it feel like to stand up and keep standing up for more than 15 years against not only your friends, but the most powerful people in the world with a message none of them want to hear? William Wilberforce did just that and through his efforts slavery was abolished in England more than a century before it was in America. And the British didn't have to conduct a Civil War to end slavery like we did in America.

Lesson learned: If you believe that what you are passionate about is truly important and will make the world a better place, then don't let anyone or anything derail your efforts.

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